How to Become an SEO Specialist – Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking forward to making your career successful being an SEO specialist? There is no such single path to make your way into the career of SEO. Hence, there are different approaches which you can adopt to enhance your skills and gain a better knowledge of them. 

All those people who are moving into the SEO career are generally stepping into traditional marketing first. And this traditional marketing narrows down their entire focus on SEO. But this is not the end! There is a lot more you have to pass through and a lot more to achieve.

Introduction About SEO

SEO is a small form of Search Engine Optimization. The field of SEO is categorized into marketing & communication, IT, and the business world. 30% of the job postings in the SEO field require the degree of bachelor. The only thing you should be excellent in is having updated skills and knowing how to demonstrate them.

SEO is a practice to increase the organic traffic from the non-paid search engine results within various pages such as Google, or Yahoo and Bing. You can apply the SEO tactics to high rank in Google results and give your keywords a better ranking growth. This is how you can make a website prominent on the internet world. 

7 Steps to Follow to Become an SEO Expert

The current world of the internet is so crowded with helpful guides that you can even learn some basic skills of any profession on your own. You can even learn some courses on internet marketing online. Similar is the case with SEO as well. For becoming an experienced SEO specialist, you need to follow the seven basic steps discussed below: 

  1. Learn all the basics related to how the search engines work
  2. Understand the basic SEO strategies and great concepts
  3. Participate in various SEO training programs 
  4. Know about the latest industry trends and news
  5. Get yourself familiar with the latest SEO tools
  6. Experiment with all SEO tactics on your blogs or the website 
  7. Show your employers your inside efforts and successful results

What are the Job Responsibilities of an SEO Specialist?

Now, as you have collected the basic information about becoming an SEO expert, the next step is to know what job responsibilities they follow up. An SEO expert has different varieties of jobs and responsibilities to cover up throughout the whole career. A few of them are discussed below:

1. Optimization

To become a successful SEO expert, you should have basic knowledge of optimization. This will include both off-page and on-page search engine optimization. A few of its primary types are: 

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Content creation and high optimization
  • Conversion search engine optimization
  • Header tags or title tags with meta-description tags
  • Images & ALT text
  • Keyword researching and its placement
  • URL web structure
  • User-friendly experience
  • Off-Page Search Engine Optimization 
  • Asset creation with infographics and videos
  • Guest blogging
  • Highly increasing the traffic from the social media towards your website
  • Link web building
  • Different Press releases
  • Mobile Optimization

As the increased number of searches is happening on mobile devices, therefore, Google wants the index to work great for mobile users. This is the user experience on a mobile device that will have a great impact on mobile SEO. It would be correct to say that Google is now working as the mobile-centric approach in order to make sure that the content has been fully optimized for mobile devices. This might even include the concise and basic usage of the language. 

2. Keyword Research

Being an SEO expert, you should have instant knowledge about the art of performing keyword research. This is required for determining the relevance and great competitiveness for targeting the best keywords for high conversion.

3. Analytics

Is it possible to get an idea about what needs to be measured and what exactly has been measured? Yes, it is possible through analytics! With the help of an analytics tool, you can analyze and track the data of your website pages and learn which focus keywords are performing. 

4. Link Building

Once another site associates or links themselves with your site, then this concept is known as a backlink or the inbound link. Link building plays an important role in giving your website a high ranking on the search engine results. You can even take backlinking as the vote of confidence from any other website. In short, it allows you to seek some opportunities to connect yourself with some other website without paying any single penny. 

5. Staying Updated with the Industry

Lastly, you should keep yourself updated with the latest marketing trends of SEO falling inside the Industry. Having updated information about the trends and strategies will make others know how professional you are.  

When you are juggling all such responsibilities, you should start working with some marketing teams that have already earned a huge name in this field. An SEO expert has different varieties of jobs and responsibilities to cover up throughout the whole career. You can better learn from them about how the strategies can be aligned together along with other skills such as:


To end up the whole above discussion, we will state that the demand for SEO experts is increasing high in the market for the better optimization of the website. Various web development companies open job postings for SEO experts to get connected with and give their career-high growth. 

As a newbie, you should take some online training courses in the SEO field so you can be a part of this market on a forever basis. Moving into the world of digital marketing is all about gaining achievements and success. You will never face a downfall in this career because it opens so many doorways for you to build a powerful name. 



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