Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword Research Tools for SEO

8 Best keyword research tools for SEO in 2021

Importance of keyword research:

At the very initial stage of the SEO keywords research is performed because you need to find out the words and phrases which users write in google and other search engines. These words and phrases are termed as keywords of your products as well as services. However, this research also let you know about which keywords are easy to rank. On the other hand, this information also lets you know about where you need to rank and what keywords your competitors are using to get ranking. This research also clarifies what type of words and phrases are used by the audience to search. You are only required to find out the industry specific terms that are relevant to your products, website, channel and services. There are a number of tools that help you in finding the appropriate keywords. And some of these tools are explained here in detail.

Tools that help you in finding the right keyword:



KWFinder is a fantastic tool to find keywords, and it was designed by Mangools. They are famous for providing superb keyword research tools for versatile classification and categories. Append to this; KWFinder especially famous for making it convenient to search keywords that have low SEO striving and difficulty besides with an entire host with various useful features. You can get various benefits to improve your site ranking with KWfinder.

  • Find Keyword easily and conveniently
  • Know about the search volumes with complete historical background
  • See and analyze the competitors rank for improvement
  • Able to get local keyword research
  • Perfect SERP analysis



The next outstanding and best keyword research tool works a little differently. Instead of telling the local keyword and seed keyword, this tool shows the keywords on which your competitors rank and rule in the industry. So, it provides an option to know the secret of your competitor’s success. If you want to get info for competitors’ keyword ranking, then don’t waste your time and type the Keyword in the SEMrush. Append to this; SEMrush offers the report of organic results and traffic of a website. Plus, you are able to know about the Keyword estimated number of monthly organic traffic that came on your site through search engines or Google. And, this tool helps you to make a wide collection of variations in your long-tail Keyword as per the need of your product. Here is the list of some famous features of SEMrush that make them special from others.

  • Offer the complete keyword research tool kit
  • Ensure the organic insights
  • Keyword difficulty analysis
  • Provide globally CPC distribution statistics
  • Acquire keywords trends and variations



Soovle is an online keyword research tool for portraying similar and suggested keywords through versatile search engines at a similar time period. It delivers fast keyword suggestions for around 15 search engines at a similar time. It is an excellent keyword research tool that constructs to bring results and feedback higher than 15 search engines. Apart from this, it offers customizable and efficient solutions to find keywords for enhancing your brand’s ranking. Soovle offers keywords from Yahoo, Google, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, and different types of search engines. Append to this; Soovle supports you to use keywords that make your site appealing to the visitors. So, you can find this tool to become the main assistance for article marketing inspiration. Here is the list of some points that are enlisting here for you.

  • Provide fastest searches
  • Simple interfaces
  • Abundant source to obtain a concept
  • Provide keyword tips
  • Best query results

Ahrefs keyword explorer:

Ahref Keyword generator

Ahrefs keyword explorer is one of the popular tools of keyword research for SEO used by various companies in recent days. The most important thing that makes Ahrefs special for the experts is it helps to make smarter keyword decisions. Add to this; Ahrefs rolled out the improved and beat keyword explorer. Also, this tool is the superlative source to deliver in-depth information about local and seed keywords. As you know, many other keyword research tools are existing in the industry in which some tell vague results like easy or difficult. But Aherfs reveals exactly how many backlinks you will require to improve your site’s ranking on the first pages of search engines. Here is the list of some imperative chunks that made you the best and stand-out in the competitor’s pool.

  • Offer 100+ keyword suggestions for your site
  • Broad Keyword report of users
  • It is supported worldwide for every user
  • Extensive SERP overview
  • Click on the metrics to improve the CTR

Long Tail Pro:

As you know, the use of long-tail keywords in your content is quite important, and this is quite popular in SEO to increase the ranking of your domain in the SERP. On this subject, the Longtail Keyword pro is a brilliant tool to generate out-of-the-box and relevant long-tail keywords for different niches and industries. It is the most trusted keyword research tool for long-tail keywords. Also, it even found a trendy following for content generated for micro niche sites. So, let’s see some benefits that you get in SEO keyword research with a long tail pro:

  • Get long-tail keywords ideas
  • Know about the keyword difficulty with the exact level
  • Use of color codes as per the difficulty level
  • Approximately 2500+ SERP lookups 24/7 hours
  • Bestow recommendations for attracting exceedingly convertible natural traffic
  • Easily search your site desired long-tail keywords

Growth Bar:

Another popular SEO keyword search tool that helps you to make your place in the clusters of competitors. Furthermore, it is a smart and outstanding option for those students who are in a hurry and want to know the difficult problems in the ranking of your site. Also, it gives stunning and appropriate suggestions to appear in the search engines. No matter which site niche, you need to know the Keyword, so you need to target your Keyword and insert it in the GrowthBar, then it shows the particular results for your future competitors. Here is the list of some most imperative chunks to describe the pros of GrowthBar:

  • Track keywords and export data
  • Suggestion for millions of keywords
  • Provide high ROI keywords
  • Provide the accurate ranking of difficulty in the keywords

Google search console:

Google Search Console

As compared to other tools, the Google search console is the traditional and conventional tool to find keyword searches. Add to this; Google search console is the best service present by Google freely, and it supports you to maintain, monitor troubleshooting on your site and appear in the Google search results. Add to this; it confirms that Google is able to find your site and crawl to gather the data on the site. It tells about improving the use of Keywords to make your site stand out in the competitor’s pool. Let’s see some points that show how Google search console support you:

  • View Google Search traffic data for your site
  • It tells how your site seems in Google’s searches
  • Endow the confirmation of crawling
  • Explore indexing problem and give solution to fix it



SECockpit is also one of the best and elegant keyword research tools that offers valuable results for you. Also, SECockpit is a similar tool to other keyword research tools, but one thing that makes it distinctive from others, it provides a wide list of quirky and suggested words. Apart from this, it offers a lot of depth search and understanding of trends. However, Cockpit focuses on organic competitions and traffic estimates. If you are a new member in the trade and business industry, then you never think how this tool is perfect for establishing your growth.

Final Thoughts on Keyword Research Tools:

The above discussion is quite uncovered that if you want to boost site ranking and traffic, you must hire well-experienced SEO experts who know all the required tools for keyword searches. The mentioned above keyword search tools are fabulous and have their own importance regarding driving the desired outcome. You can use these tools merging and separately as per your project requirement. Also, it depends on your need; either you need to tackle long-tail keywords, seed keywords, and competitors ranking keywords. So, I hope you like our ultimate discussion of the best keyword search tools for you to deal with keyword optimizations issues in SEO and enhance your site’s growth in the SERP outcomes.




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