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Who is the Best Digital Marketer to Follow?

No doubt that the world of digital marketing has become a separate niche for influencers. Many marketers are trying to achieve near rock-star status and the cult followings. 

When so many gurus and digital marketing influencers are available in the market, then why is there a need to hire an agency?

We all know that the landscape of digital marketing is always coming up with some constant changes. But following some top industry leaders on social media is the best way out to learn some new opportunities and trends. 

You can pick some great digital marketing experts in 2021 and follow them now to learn some valuable insights and great resources of the digital market. To make your task a bit easier, here we have shared a list of top leading digital marketers in 2021whom you should follow right now. Let’s have a look below:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a top renowned name in the world of the digital marketing industry. At a very young age, he started his own business related to digital marketing. We all know that in the era of ’90s, the internet technology was at its peak of popularity, and Gary took the best advantage of it. In short, he was the very first time he stepped into the market of e-commerce and made a niche of it. 

He also has a YouTube channel where he motivates some young generation boys and girls to be a part of this field. Currently, he is working as an angel investor, a marketing author, public speaker, and he even owns VaynerMedia’s digital marketing agency. Over the last few years, he has earned a huge name in the field of digital marketing.

Follow Gary Vaynerchuk on Facebook | Twitter | & LinkedIn.

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

On the next spot, we have the name of Neil Patel, who is another famous top guru of the digital marketing world. He has great knowledge of content marketing and search engines. No doubt he has the leading force in SEO education and is often on the list of Forbes’s top 10 digital influencers.

In addition, Neil has been the co-founder of HelloBar, Crazy Egg, and Kissmetrics. Apart from it, he is also associated with different companies such as General Motors, Amazon, NBC, and Hewlett Packard. You can visit his website and blog articles to learn more about SEO tools and content marketing. 

Follow Neil Patel on Facebook | Twitter | & LinkedIn.

3. Ryan Deiss

 Ryan Deiss

Coming to the next, we have Ryan Deiss, who is a top-known creator of the Customer Value Optimization tactic. For the online companies, he acts as the actual revenue booster with high growth. He is the CEO of, where he is giving vast education to the upcoming new marketers in the world of digital marketing. 

Plus, his company has been providing basic information about all the tools and training courses for vast knowledge. He is also associated with various companies like Shopify, Uber, and InfusionSoft.

Follow Ryan Deiss on Facebook | Twitter | & LinkedIn.

4. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is another well-known on our list! Rand was the former CEO of the MOZ.  At the start of his career, Rand has made himself to be the topmost demanding marketing and search optimization influencers. 

Back in the year 2003, he started his career as a blogger. Later on, he began with his own consulting company, which he transformed into a software company after some years. His company was just involved in creating some powerful SEO tools. Relying on the SEO techniques of Rand will guarantee to deliver you some great results in search engine pages. 

Follow Rand Fishkin on Facebook | Twitter | & LinkedIn.

5. Larry Kim

Larry Kim

Next on our list, we have the name of Larry Kim, who is another experienced digital marketing coach and a digital influencer. He is the founder and also a CEO of MobileMonkey & WordStream. Plus, he has also given his vast contributions in the field of Medium. In just the last time of his career, he has made himself to be the top leading Google Ads, SEO Influencers, and Facebook Ads. 

Follow Larry Kim on Facebook | Twitter | & LinkedIn.

6. Pam Moore

Pam Moore

Being the top leading social media influencer, Pam Moore has made herself to be the leading expert in the field of social media marketing and conversion optimization. She has always shared the best of the techniques and strategies for boosting branding and selling on social media. She even teaches about social media optimization and brand development at a high level. 

You might be surprised to hear that she has an audience based on 1,000,000 followers. She started her career as a specialist in social media marketing with strong skills in branding and business development. 

Follow Pam Moore on Facebook |Twitter | & LinkedIn.  

7. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

Another leading digital marketing guru on our list is Tim Ferriss! Tim is popularly known to be the bad boy of digital marketing because he always comes up with something unexpected. He is an author, where his top-selling book is 4-Hour Work Week. Plus, he has been one of those marketing experts who put enough of his investments in Shopify, Facebook, and Duolingo. 

Apart from the boom authoring, he has been part of various podcasts and audio shows with a maximum of 100 million downloads. In addition, he even teaches the new people about what business management is, digital marketing, leadership, and business development. 

Follow Tim Ferriss on Facebook | Twitter | & LinkedIn.

8. Kim Garst

 Kim Garst

On the 8th spot, we have Kim Garst, who is a top leading social media influencer and is a renowned digital marketer. She has also been part of the Forbes list for the top 10 people in influencing the people in social media marketing.

She has even remained as the renowned keynote speaker, as well as best-selling author, and has even worked as a consultant for various companies like IBM, MasterCard, and Microsoft.

Follow Kim Garst on Facebook Twitter | & LinkedIn.

9. Jennifer Polk

Jennifer Polk

Last but not least, we have Jennifer Polk! She has been known to be a full-stack marketer where she is letting people know about different approaches to multichannel marketing. Plus, she has also worked as the advisor for some big chief marketing officers, great team-leads and some well-known marketing specialists.

She has some great strength in letting the coming people know about the importance of brand awareness, customer engagement, and e-commerce. 

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