Where to Find Unique Links for The Site?

 Hello, dear readers of Digital Media Line! Currently, the Serpstat search engine optimization platform has become the fifth in a row among similar functionality services.

Thanks to a well-coordinated team, the SEO platform has 1 trillion backlinks for over 160 million domains. It remains to figure out whether this number of links is enough for a detailed analysis.

An investigation was carried out and compared to the Serpstat database with the widely recognized leader, the Ahrefs platform.

What came of this, Read below.

 It is essential for webmasters, SEOs, and other specialists in search engine optimization of any resource in the vastness of the Internet space to monitor the appearance of backlinks to evaluate them qualitatively.

All these manipulations cannot be carried out without an in-depth and most comprehensive base for analyzing backlinks since you can easily skip data that directly impacts the donor’s rating.

 Thus, as a result of an in-depth analysis of the databases of competing services,

The Following Was Revealed:

  1. The Ahrefs platform base so far outperforms the index in terms of unique source coverage, where the difference is more than 800 billion backlinks (1 trillion Serpstat versus 1.8 trillion Ahrefs). However, the market leader has existed since 2011, while Serpstat is a relatively young platform, the index of which has been functioning for six months since the start.
  2. As an illustration of the platform’s growth, daily statistics are given, where every 24 hours, Serpstat bots add up to 2 billion new links to the base and crawl up to 2.5 million sites.

Thus, it is evident that soon the Serpstat service will significantly increase the volume of backlinks and bypass the leading platform.

As a more detailed comparison of the indices, an additional comparison of the obtained links was carried out. For the analyzed sites, data on the number of links and sites linking to them were selected. Plus, their uniqueness (which the competitor does not have) was taken into account.

Thus, it turned out that the index has up to 44% of unique links that rival Ahrefs does not have, which is an excellent indicator in the context of the progressive promotion of the service.

 How to Analyze the Link Mass of a Website?

For a qualitative and most complete analysis, it is not enough to be guided solely by the backlinks’ quantitative indicators. Also, you need to pay attention to the relevance of the data provided and look at the size of the index database.

To achieve maximum performance during the analysis of the link mass of a site or any resource on the Internet, it is necessary to use several indices in a combining or cross-cutting manner at the same time (by analogy with antiviruses on personal computers).

To analyze the link mass of a site using the Serpstat service, you need to do the following:

  • On the main page, enter the site URL for analyzing backlinks.
  • Next, go to the “Link Analysis” section and select “Summary Report”.
  • Now all that remains is to analyze the provided indicators in more detail. Pay attention to new referring domains.
  • Lost links and anchors.
  • For convenience, you can use the domain map.

As you understand in the reports, link anchors, referring domains, referring pages, leader pages, and other data.

 For example, in anchors, you can analyze the presence of “selling” keys, that is, queries that make it clear that a person will buy something.

Thus, the analysis of the link mass of the site allows us to identify the quality of donors, the level of naturalness of the anchor list, the variety, and the dynamics of the growth of links.

Why Use Serpstat Backlink Index

If we talk about the advantages of the platform, then it is worth focusing on the following:

  • The uniqueness of the service in terms of architecture

Unlike many competing sites, Serpstat divides archived data with new data into two subsections, which significantly simplifies interaction with the platform by saving time when updating data.

  • Essential virus protection in the service

Despite the rudimentary antivirus potential of the index, Serpstat can find links from malicious sites. In the future, it is planned to expand the functionality in this direction.

  • Regularly update links from blogs or platforms based on them.

This method allows specialists to more thoroughly analyze and select the target audience for their projects using links for narrowly targeted visitors.

This is primarily due to the adaptation of search algorithms and the regulation of their crawl depth of sites under the control of such systems as Blogspot, WordPress, and uCoz following the “host” and flexible configuration of robots. As a result, useful sites get into the database, but no doorways.

  • Service performance

Thanks to its unique architecture, Serpstat can process queries directed to databases much faster, which improves the overall performance and user experience of the service.

  • Filters availability

Thanks to the implementation of filters with a data sorting method, users do not have to search for many backlinks by long scrolling.

Thus, each service for processing backlinks tries to use maximum opportunities to be in the lead in the face of increasing competition.

Thanks to this, all multifunctional SEO platforms have proven themselves well and can be used for their intended purpose.

The user only needs to pay attention to the parameters associated with the databases, the uniqueness, and the placed sources’ quality. According to the results of a thorough analysis, Serpstat has a unique domain of up to 44% in the database compared to the leader Ahrefs.


Arslan Khalid

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