Duplicate Content: Why It Occurs and How to Fix It

The term duplicate content is quite common and faced by many people at the beginning of your career. No one ignores the importance of solving duplicate content issues to maintain your betters ranking in search engine results pages. If you are looking to understand duplicate content and find answers for what, how, and why it matters, this discussion helps you obtain your solution. Now it’s time to understand that what duplicate content is:

Understanding of duplicate content:

Basically, duplicate content is similar to manifold locations (URLs) on a particular website. It is done because one content shows on the over and above one link. As a result, search engines confuse and don’t know which URL shows in the search results according to the content’s authentication. Also, they can understand what results they show in SERP outcomes. Similarly, search engines could be given lower ranking to both links thrown on other pages. So, it extremely hits your web page’s site ranking, whereas it is not technically a penalty. This situation goes out of control and gets more worrisome when link builders start linking in versatile forms of such pages. Now it’s time to jump into how duplicate content hurts your site.

 Roots of duplicate content hurt your site:

There are heaps of reasons for duplicate content and maximum related to the technical issues and just need to cater or resolve to improve your ranking and impression. Most people are not frequently done that they publish the same content in two places without sorting what is original.  Sometimes, the duplicate content is naked for the user’s eyes but hidden in your site. Here is the list of some causes of duplication content:   

  • Misconstruction of content URLs
  • Filtered navigation
  • Session IDs
  • Tracking of parameters
  • Scrapers and content syndication
  • Print-friendly versions of pages
  • Boilerplate content

Misconstruction of content URLs:

A developer’s language is quite different from others, so it does not mean that it is crazy.  Append to this; the CMS will strongly use the website and their database with one appropriate and perfect article. But most of the time, website software alluded to the same article through different URLs in the database. Furthermore, you must contact the leading SEO services company to sort out such issues.

Filtered or faceted navigation:

Basically, faceted navigation allows audiences to filter the items and services on the page to find easily or quickly. When you can use this type of navigation, it enhances the URL ends by adding the items. And, such URLs are made by using different combinations and filter queries. So, at this time, if developers publish content on the site and make URLs in two different ways, then it creates a problem for the search engine to give high-ranking to which URL. However, URL parameters’ orders do not matter because the same page shows in both URL groups. But still, it hurts the ranking of your site.

Session IDs:

Another most important root that occurs in the issue of replica content is Session IDs. It is the best way to keep track of visitors on your site and allow them to gather or store info on where they stay or what they want to buy.  A session is a comprehensive history of what visitors did after reaching your site page and what items they like to add to the shopping cart. Fundamentally, to continue the session as a visitor clicks from one page to another page of the same website to make them quirky, identity is called session ID. Add to this; every internal link on the website acquires a Session ID added in the URL, and it creates a new URL and makes the cause of internal duplicate content.

Scrapers and content syndication:

A couple of reason for duplicate content on the same website occurs due to your faults or your site. Frequently, other sites use your content with or without your permission. But if you take this path, you need to ensure crawlers understand that your content is not duplicate content. Moreover, if you fail to do this, then your site ranking is hit by other web page rankings in SERP outcomes. So, it makes an abundant cause for content duplication, so; you need to consider and solve this issue as well.

 Boilerplate content:

Boilerplate content is used on all domains but is not able to compare with others. For instance, you will usually see boilerplate content on the e-commerce domain, and suppliers use them to sell their products. Add to this; most retailers use this text to save your time, but it has the disadvantages that crawlers comprehend and duplicate content. Therefore, e-commerce retailers should rewire unique, creative, and engaging descriptions. It portrays the perspire equity to write according to the product or services as per their need. This tactic helps you to prevent duplicate content issues as well as improves your site SEO. The duplicate content is the reason for many other additional problems that are enlisting below for you:

  • Other parties copying your content
  • Subdomains and HTTPS or HTTP  
  • WWW vs. non-WWW
  • Language or country varieties of the same page
  • Pagination
  • Print-friendly version
  • Indexing staging
  • Attachment images URLs
  • Comment pages
  • ●      Taxonomies
  • Canonical URLs

Why is duplicate content the hurdle for SEO?

As per the SEO context, duplicate content is not a good thing, and it generates hurdles in your path to your site growth. Furthermore, it has a negative consequence on your site on the search. Some reasons and rationales make duplicate content hurdles for your site SEO.

  • Inimical URLs in the search results mean you get one content on two or three more URLs.
  • Erosion of Backlinks- In this case, if you can use the same content on versatile URLs, then it entices more backlinks on your site, but it raises the link equity and splitting your URLs.
  • Burns crawl budget- If your website has duplicate content on your site is just enhancing the work for the crawler, and it affects their frequency and speed to crawl new pages.

All these reasons prove that duplication of your content makes it hurdle your site SEO. Due to this, the backlink audition, page indexing, and loading make it problematic. So, Google doesn’t provide a better ranking of your pages with duplicate content.

Marvellous tools to find duplicate content:

Many tools and software help you strengthen your site SEO to identify duplicate content. As you know, that if your duplicate contact lives on various links, then Google confuses to give the ranking. So, it is mandatory to sorts out the duplicate content issues. No matter you find internal duplicate content and external duplicate content, these enlisting tools help you.

  • Copyscape to check duplicate content
  • Preventive Snippet
  • Siteliner for internal duplicate content

Superb ways to tackle and fix the duplicate content issues:

If your site faces ranking issues for duplicate content, don’t worry; here are some tactics that support you in eradicating the negative impacts of duplicate content issues. So, it’s time to dive into the heaps of solution that assist you:

Be reliable- The major thing is to ensure the internal linking is consistent and the same for all domains.

Use 301 Redirect: It is the best way to opposite the duplicate content setup to redirect from the duplicate page to the real and original page. The 301 redirect for duplicate content works outstandingly to potentially ranking by transferring on the original page.

Reduce the use of boilerplate content- Ensure to minimize the use of boiler content and focus on using unique content and descriptions.

Comprehend the CMS- The proper understanding of the content management system increases the chances of minimizing URLs and content duplication issues. So, understand how your site content management system works and how you can improve. As you know, blog forums and other types of content require formatting that you need to comprehend.

Improving URL structure- You need to focus on URL tracking and try to improve URL structure with consistency.

Append the Canonical link- Another way to deal with this type of content is using the canonical link. It tells that the given content basically is the copy from particular URLs.
Choose domain handling in Google Search console-
The Google Search Console permits you to establish your site’s preferred domain and pick whether Googlebot can distinctively crawl innumerable URL parameters. Append to this; it depends on the URL structure and makes the cause of duplication of the content on the same website.

Final perspectives:

The above discussion is quite evident in understanding what id duplicate contact and how it occurs for your site ranking. Plus, this article helps you to understand how to get rid of duplicate content issues. The aforementioned content puts lights on the tools that help you find duplicate content, explain the causes, and your help.



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