Types of SEO in Digital Marketing

Types of SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, and this process is all about increasing the total number of visitors to the website. This increase in visitor’s traffic is to rank yourself better on the Google SERPs for the relevant keywords or the search phrases inside the domain.

According to your knowledge and research, SEO is available in just two main types: on-page and off-page. But you are entirely wrong! SEO is categorized into different types, all different from one another in terms of website ranking.

Do you want to know about them all? 

Let’s get into the discussion below: 

List of Different Types of SEO in Digital Marketing

  1. White-Hat SEO

First of all, we have white-hat SEO which works as the optimization technique to follow some basic guidelines from Google’s search engine. But somehow, the results delivered from the white-hat SEO are not so quick, so you need to show a bit of patience to get the desired results. The delivered results are sustainable, and they somehow create reliable goodwill for your brand. 

Even if the algorithm changes, your site is still never at the risk of facing any ban or getting bumped down in search engine results. Hence, in short, white-hat SEO is always at low risk and has high rewards even if you are doing it right. In short, this is probably one of those SEO techniques which almost every website user prefers to utilize. 

Few techniques to be used in white-hat SEO are relevant to content with extensive keyword research, authoring useful, earning the links from some high-authority sites based on on-page content merit.  

  1. Black-Hat SEO

Next comes the Black-hat SEO, which is an opposite technique from white-hat SEO. It is different because it takes the best benefit from the weaknesses or loopholes taking place in Google’s search algorithm. This is merely done to rank high in the SERPs. 

Black-hat SEO is not at all concerned with the dos and don’ts of SEO algorithms. It aims to have paid or spam link-building methods, displaying different content to crawlers, keyword stuffing, and much more. But it is always recommended to avoid black-hat SEO because it can either spam your site or ban it entirely by dropping the search engine ranking. Such high-risk SEO techniques will merely display the short-lived results.

  1. Grey-Hat SEO

On the 3rd spot, we have Grey-hat SEO which is a common technique used by SEO agencies. The reason to use this strategy is to gain quick results from the client. In short, this approach is a combination of black-hat and white-hat SEO. Although according to Google, users should avoid using this technique because it can display some undesired results and search outcomes. 

In addition, grey-hat SEO will display clickbait content that is mediocre and is of no use for the user. It might exchange some suspicious links between the paid reviews or sites. So it is always the best option to keep yourself away from such sort of underhanded SEO tactics.

  1. Negative SEO

Among different SEO types, negative SEO has always remained to be the most unethical one. It is even evident from the name itself! A negative SEO technique is all about letting your competitor’s ranking down so you can take their place or gain the benefit. Well, this is such an unethical act to do. 

In this approach, you will hack someone else site and build some suspicious activities on their site, lowering their ranking on search engines. Posting negative or filthy feedback on the online forums is also one of them. But if a user is caught practicing the harmful acts, it can lead them to face legal ordeals. 

  1. On-Page SEO

All those efforts and measures you are taking to rank your webpage high on the search engines are possible through on-page SEO. With the on-page SEO, you are making an effort to deliver high-quality content to your site for targeting more audiences. You can even add meta-tags to let the Google bots know what your content is all about. 

Plus, users can even use HTML tags for highlighting headings or ensuring that there are no duplicate pages or broken links in your website. The delivered results are sustainable, and they somehow create reliable goodwill for your brand. Ensure that you use a complete URL structure and add it within an ordered naming system for different similar pages. Try to use images that are not too big. 

  1. Technical SEO

On the 6th spot, we have Technical SEO. This technique is merely used for helping the Google bots to crawl and index all pages of your website for future use. With this technique, you can create a thorough XML sitemap that needs to be mobile-friendly for your site. 

This will enable the structured data to help the web crawlers quickly categorize and sort the pages based on the content used. In short, this is probably one of those SEO techniques which almost every website user prefers to utilize. 

  1. Off-Page SEO

Last comes the Off-page SEO! With this SEO technique, you can perform some search engine activities by staying outside of your website in a far better way. This is merely done to keep in the high ranking in Google’s SERPs. 

As a user, you can work on some external ranking factors, such as building links from various trusted sites in the same domain. You can also let the customers leave positive reviews on different online forums. 


So what are you waiting for? If you want to yet give your website a high ranking on Google search results, perform the techniques mentioned above with complete care. Avoid those which are spam and unethical for your website. 

It’s time to give your website the status of being the king of search engines. 



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