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Best Way to Learn Digital Marketing Online

Do you want to be the master of the digital marketing world? Are you fascinated to learn the various fundamentals of digital marketing? 

If yes, then the best approach to follow for learning the art of digital marketing is to choose some tremendous online digital marketing training courses. With the help of these mentioned courses, you can enhance your skills and boost your career of being a digital marketer. Digital marketing online courses are available in both online and paid versions. 

Who should apply for a digital marketing course?

If you are working in the middle of the online digital presence, it isn’t straightforward for you to learn digital marketing skills. Few basic skills of being a digital marketer are marketing managers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or being marketing specialists. 

List of Best Online Courses in Digital Marketing for Free

Now without wasting any time, let’s discuss a few best and popular online courses to learn digital marketing for free:

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google itself has introduced this online course. The reason to choose this course is to know all the essential aspects of digital marketing. For beginners and intermediate users, we highlight and recommend this course. Plus, it is also available with free certification. Once you finish the course, you get a certified accreditation from Google, which is an ideal approach to getting noticed in digital marketing. 

Talking about the features, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is 40 hours of free online course available in 26 modules. You can complete it at your requirements and convenience without any hassle. Each of the modules is based on detailed videos, texts, and quizzes for testing your knowledge. If you do not want to study the whole course, you can pick view modules and finish them. But for learners, it is highly recommended to study all the modules in a step-by-step form for receiving the certification.

Some of the subjects which are covered in each module are:

  • Building a powerful website presence 
  • Planning your online solid business strategy
  • Understanding the search and how you can improve your marketing campaigns
  • Making yourself prominent locally 
  • Building online store 
  • Expanding your business internationally 
  • Performing successful social media marketing
  • Understanding the basics of email marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing 
  1. Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course

Hubspot Academy has offered this online course. As it is obvious by the name itself, this program is all about letting digital marketers learn the basics of inbound marketing. It is a complete four-hour industry-recognized program having 34 videos, ten lessons, and nine quizzes. 

During this online course, beginners will learn:

  • Basic fundamentals of the inbound marketing
  • Creating a long-term content strategy
  • Writing inspiring blog posts 
  • Know the basics of social media promotion
  • Developing a highly conversational growth strategy
  • Creation of a conversion optimization strategy
  • Alignment of marketing and sales
  • Applying a basic approach for customer marketing 

After successfully completing the course, all the students will get a reward of official certification from HubSpot to add it to their portfolio or resume. It is an entirely free online program that is suited for beginners. You will be getting proper training under four engaging instructors. The whole interface of the program is friendly and interesting to use. The one and only disadvantage of this course is that it is pretty short. 

  1. Free Diploma in E-Business

Alison introduced this online course in 2007. It was the very primary online course that was introduced for digital purposes. This course has more than 6 million students in its registration chart, making it come about to be among the reliable free online courses.

With the help of this course, students will learn the basic skills of digital marketing. Plus, it teaches about search optimization, analysis, Google Analytics and AdWords, campaign marketing, revenue metrics, and much more. 

The total duration of this online course is around 10 hours, after which the student has to appear for the final examination. And to get the certification, the student has to score at least 80% marks.  After the completion, the student will be awarded Learner Achievement Verification Report. The certification fee is $20. In short, it’s a complete, user-friendly online course with the availability of video tutorials. 

  1. Become an Online Marketing Manager

Here we have the last and another reliable course by LinkedIn Learning! This is a 24-hour course where the students can learn all the basic concepts of digital marketing. You will be taught about how you can step on the varied management roles through success. 

The students can also learn about the best practices for online marketing by using various latest tools. These tools are required for implementing a proper digital marketing strategy. You can even know how these strategies can be advertising effectively on social media platforms. 

The entire course is categorized into 11 modules in which you will learn about:

  • Advanced branding
  • Growth hacking
  • Foundations of SEO
  • Newsletter and email marketing 
  • Google analytics
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Google AdWords
  • Plan for UX design

If you are already having a premium membership of LinkedIn, you can take this course for free. Or you can also sign up for the free trial and get access to the classes without paying any charges for at least one month. Upon the completion of the course, the student will be awarded the certification. 

It’s a great online free course for intermediate and advanced. You will get the training under industry experts. You have to cancel the LinkedIn premium just before the trial to avoid any fees.


If you desire to be a master in the world of digital marketing, then make sure you do pick any one of these courses mentioned above and learn all the basics of digital marketing free of cost. These courses are just the first step towards success, making you complete them wholly to gain better knowledge. 



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