Different Types of SEO Services – All You Need to Know

Different Types of SEO

Various types of SEO services that you need

In 2021, Google is more conscious about the SERPs. After appending AI in its algorithms, Google’s core value is to provide quality, relevant and accurate results to the users. This is becoming challenging for SEO experts to face this challenge. For this reason, any SEO expert or a web doctor must have to understand all types of SEO.

Categorically, SEO has three types; these are listed below;

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

All the SEO revolve around their types, and each type has its unique functions and tasks. The basic purpose behind such types is to curate the tasks of SEO and plan them accordingly. Other than this, strategizing the SEO, building the pipeline, and distribution of the tasks, such types help a lot. 

On-Page SEO – Major type of SEO

We can say SEO starts from here; that’s why it has the highest priority in the eye of the SEO experts. The question what is fall in “on-page SEO.” It is pertaining to the content of the website. In this, we optimize each and every single page of the website. Actually, we tell Google about the correlation of relevancy of your page and user keyword intent. A few of the on-page factors are mentioned below;

  1. Keyword research and keyword mapping in the content of the website help us in targeting the right keywords. For this, we find the right keywords, opportunity keywords, and money keywords for a website. After this, we categorize them into primary and secondary keywords. Such keywords would be used in your website articles. 

Tip: All of our content creation depends upon keyword research.

  1. Optimization of titles and telling Google about your major keywords and intention. 
  2. Heading tags, this is still debate, either Google values them or not. But SEO experts recommend having H1, H2, and H3 tags on pages with our primary and secondary keywords, respectively. 
  3. Content of the body, according to the “Google quality guidelines,” should be sufficient to get the answer to the desired keyword. So, it is recommended to be at least 300 words on every single page. Here, content should be unique, values, researched base, and should be read by the eighth-grade student. Furthermore, content should be scan-able, proper schema tags are implemented, and the length of the content should be moderate. In the end, Meta titles, descriptions, URL structure, and formatting of the content also fall under the umbrella of On-Page SEO. 
  4. Internal linking with do-follow tags and external linking with no follow tags actually tells Google about the relevancy of the page. 
  5. Placement of the image and its alt tag is another on-page SEO important factor. 

By now, Google has introduced so many on-page SEO factors, and all these revolve around the quality of the content you are producing. 

Off-Page SEO – It is still alive:

Google recommends building relations with other webmasters in your niche. It is all about public relations building and the acquisition of more links. This add value, authority, and reputation each time when you build a new relation. Such relations are known as links. Inbound links that direct to your site are counted and measured by the Google algorithms. Quality backlinks improve your ranking in Google; on the other hand, low quality, bad, and spam links might have a negative impact on your website ranking. 

Good link builders always follow such techniques;

  1. Out-reaching 
  2. Guest posts
  3. Earning natural backlinks
  4. Acquisition of links via quality blogging

On the other side of the off-page SEO, other low-quality backlinks techniques are here;

  1. Blogging
  2. Directory submission
  3. PDF, slides, and document sharing
  4. Profiles link building
  5. Stats links, comments, and auto-generated backlinks

Getting a few backlinks but quality backlinks could improve your SEO up to a great extent. On the other hand, pointing a large number of low-quality backlinks to your website may harm your SERP. 

Technical SEO – need expertise: 

Technical SEO became a major type of SEO after the inauguration of Mobile SEO and Google search console. It is all about the following things;

  1. Performance of the website in Google desktop and mobile versions
  2. URL, inspections related issues, coverage issues, crawling, readability, mobile responsive issues, AMP issues, and all other issues related to schema tags.
  3. It also includes the speed of a website on mobile and desktop, friendliness, site structure, security of a website, structure data implantation.
  4. It also includes the sitemaps, robots.txt file, redirections, server issues, and other webmaster-related issues. 

In order to rank better in Google, ideally, your site must not have any sort of such issues. Technically optimization of your website is so important, and Google needs perfect sites running on perfect servers. This is because of the huge competition in Google search results. Users of mobile are increasing; now, more than 50% of Google users are shifted to the mobile search results. That’s why technical SEO has appeared in these types of SEO. 

In order to optimize your webpage, all these three types of SEO should be done. Each type has its own functions, tasks, value, and importance. Thus, SEO companies provide these three types of SEO that made a perfect package for their customers. 

In addition to the above discussion, there are three kinds of SEO; that depend upon the way of doing SEO. Mainly these are categorized into the following types;

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

White hat SEO – is totally followed by the Google recommended guidelines. This is the legitimate method, and it is only done in the ideal case. 

Black hat SEO – These are spam ways, shortcuts, and unethical ways to dodge the Google crawlers and steal the content from the web. Such ways can be useful for a very short period of time, but once these are detected, Google penalizes such websites.

Grey Hat SEO – This is the combination of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. This is actually working. In the eye of many SEO experts, white hat SEO doesn’t exist, and we all do grey hat SEO. In grey hat practices, we use both white hat and black hat tasks. 

So, understanding SEO is very much important for all marketers. This brings organic traffic to the website, and it has a 70% better ROI rather than spending a huge budget on Search engine marketing (PPC). 



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