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Referencing a Website, How to Improve It

If you are here, and you find yourself reading one of our great articles on SEO, it is that you have already done half the way, before you start.  Well, whatever reason brings you here; you have come to the right place: together we will see SEO in its entirety. Certainly not as completely as a book, otherwise you will certainly go down to half the article and then leave us.

First step for a good SEO: choose the important keywords:

When you want to optimize the referencing of your website, the very first question to ask yourself is: What are the words, for which I want to appear in the first position in Google?

Improving the referencing of your site: the question of content:

Once you have determined your main keywords, you still have to integrate them in the due and proper place, within your site and your pages. The placement of the keywords is a factor to be considered more than seriously, if, just as we wish for you, you aspire to be a hit, in terms of visibility.

Title, description:

The title, description, and URL of the pages are generally displayed directly by the search engines in the list of results. These allow, on the one hand, to improve the referencing and, on the other hand, to encourage the internet user to visit the page (the internet user reads the titles and descriptions in the search results, and will click on those he finds the most relevant, interesting

Page names and custom URLs:

It is important to choose the name of your pages so that it contains your keywords. If we resume our case of site on web referencing, it will, for example, be recommended to modify a page named “Presentation in SEO Principles, or even, to transform a page called tools of SEO.

Reserve a domain name:

The reservation of a domain name is an essential step for your SEO because it allows you to customize your URL, and show Google that you have a professional website. Indeed, a domain name being necessarily paying, its reservation represents, obviously, an investment, and was not inevitably done lightly. It, therefore, constitutes a reliable guarantee for search engines.

Content and SEO of pages:

It is important to insert, on all your pages, textual content containing your keywords. Indeed, pages that are completely empty, or that contain only images or videos, will be very poorly indexed. This is why we recommend commenting on your photos and videos, if your page does not contain text.

Promote your website:

You should know that Google attaches great importance to the number and quality of links that point to your site, this is called backlinks. These, also called inbound links, are, let’s say, crucial when we want to optimize the natural referencing of our site. We must try to multiply them, and make sure that they come from quality sites.

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