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3 points to remember to optimize your local natural referencing

There are 3 points that will help you optimize your local natural SEO strategy

1: Adapt your keyword strategy:

The foundations of a good local natural SEO strategy are based, without great surprise, on the keywords that you use on your various digital media. Whether it’s your company’s website, your social media posts, or your Google My Business page, the expressions you use must refer to the geographic location of your brand, but not only.

If your business is aimed more at a limited niche, you can opt for the opposite solution: keep your current general keyword strategy, and supplement it with secondary queries which will take into account the geographical location of your brand.

2: Think mobile-first:

According to an infographic on local SEO published on Abundance, 88% of smartphone users would perform local searches. However, there is nothing very surprising in this: it is not uncommon to check the opening hours or the address of a store on your phone just before going there.

When an Internet user consults information on your company from his smartphone, it is that he may already be a few steps from your store. It is up to you to convince him to walk through the door!

So think of optimizing the mobile display of your website. Simplify the menus, but also the content: practical information should be visible at first glance.

3: Make Google the best ally of your local natural referencing

What if you let Google help you improve your local SEO? The search engine offers you a specific service to achieve this. It is Google My Business. This service, which can resemble a gigantic directory for companies, will allow you to gain visibility if you optimize it properly.

Indeed, you will have to fill in a certain amount of information to be able to create your Google My Business page. First, make sure of the accuracy and consistency of the information provided: the hours or the address of your store must not vary from one digital medium to another.

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