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How to know the traffic of a website?

If you want to know the traffic of a site that belongs to you, I recommend the installation of Google Analytics. A friend once asked me the question: How do I know the traffic of a website and check how many visitors it receives each month?

Attempt to estimate traffic:

I have played the game with No Tuxedo on several occasions and the reliability of the tool has been very variable depending on the period. This time we come back to data almost completely in line with reality

Estimate website traffic with Alexa:

The Alexa site offers a ranking of websites around the world according to their traffic. It does not give you a specific number of visitors but tells you which site is larger than which another site. The Website Traffic Analysis offer (Alexa Insight) is chargeable but offers a 7-day trial period.

Other tools to know the traffic:

There are a host of other tools claiming to offer a reliable estimate of site traffic. But they often have the same limits as those mentioned above. A site like Google Trends can provide trends but only on huge websites. You can also take a look at tools for SEO: they give an estimate of organic traffic, that is to say traffic that comes from search engines.

Other indicators to know the activity of a site:

It’s important to remember but traffic is not everything! I address myself in particular to the possible brands which would pass by there it all depends on what you seek to know on a blog: to evaluate its visibility? It may be interesting to look at other indicators.

Can we really know the traffic of a website?

As you will have noticed by reading this article, there is no really reliable method to know the traffic of a website managed by a third party and the best solution is undoubtedly to ask the person for access to its Google Analytics data if you have legitimate reasons for wanting to estimate its traffic.

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