Instagram Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which One Is Better?

When you are restricted on your budget for social media marketing, then it is very much clear that you cannot brand yourself on each social media channel. You have to keep yourself limited with the selection of just a few and the best social media platforms. And when we talk about the two best social media platforms, we have the names of Instagram and Facebook

Both of these platforms are namely known to be the kings of their world when it comes to marketing. But sometimes, it is not easy to choose between the two of them in terms of ad placement. Which one should you choose? Facebook or Instagram! 

Both Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms with varied audience segments and ad formats. They have their features for targeting the audience and making your brand renowned. 

Well, this might give a headache to some of the people until and unless they don’t do a bit of homework on it. Let’s help you a bit with some research and help you to figure out which one is best among Facebook ads and Instagram ads. Have a look below!

What are the Key Benefits of Advertising on Instagram?

Having active users of more than 1 billion monthly, Instagram has made itself to be the second biggest platform on social media after Facebook. Users can be part of this platform to pursue the stories, feed, explore, creative IGTV, and try with some more interesting features. 

The world of Instagram will open some gateways for the users to give their brand the finest image in terms of targeting more audiences. Few important benefits of Instagram advertising are discussed below:

  • Facebook and Instagram are connected. This becomes extra easy for the user to target the audience based on Facebook data. Through Facebook, you can schedule your tasks, arrange the budget and create some ads. This makes it easy for you to do not start it from scratch and straight move into the world of Instagram. 
  • Plus, these Instagram ads are a lot non-intrusive, and they will never give your targeted audience a feeling of being annoyed. 
  • The engagement rate on Instagram has been a lot high as compared to the engagement rate which you might experience on other social media channels. 
  • It became easy for you to integrate Shopify and hence sell your products much instantly.
  • Instagram is responsible for measuring the campaign’s success based on reach, awareness, and recall. They do not consider the follower’s likes, comments, or counts. 

The majority of people make use of their android phones to reach out to news and socialize themselves on Facebook. Most of the smartphones are featuring high-end cameras with which you can shoot some amazing photos to post on your Instagram timeline. As in the case with the cost and ROI, Instagram marketing will offer you some great results and returns. You will be finding it less time-consuming and more effective in comparison with other types of online marketing channels.

What are the Benefits of Advertising on Facebook?

No doubt Facebook is the big player in social media advertising. The current percentage of active members on Facebook is around 900 million people from all over the world. It might surprise you for a second that around 800 million people are signing into Facebook on a daily basis. This is so amazing!

What keeps Facebook different from the rest of the social media platforms is how you can reach the audience without any hassle. It became rather easy for you to convert the users into customers. A few of the more amazing ad targeting options for Facebook are:

  • Layering great interests
  • Video high engagement
  • Lookalike huge audiences
  • Lists of Customer 
  • Lead nurturing

Facebook has no such limits when it comes to giving your analytics and reports related to the performance of ads. There is no need to make your guesses or assumptions to figure out what is working and what needs to be changed. Ads Manager will give you all the statistics about how well your ads are working on Facebook and what rate of engagement you are gaining with time. 

What sort of ads can you run on Instagram and Facebook?

Both Instagram and Facebook are offering similar options for the ad formats such as: 

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads

What is the cost of advertising on Facebook & Instagram?

If performed in the right manner, these Facebook Ads turn out to be so much budget-friendly. It will make you cost around $5-$8 for each product to almost 1000 people. In its comparison, traditional advertising will cost you around $50 to show it up to the same set of people. 

When it comes to the cost per click (CPC), this average cost will be around $0.27 per click with the cost per thousand impressions (CPM), which is standing at the rate of $7.19. 

For the Instagram ads, this CPC will range between $0.50 – $0.95, and hence the CPM will cost around $2.50-3.50. Based on the bidding model, the cost of Instagram ads will stand between $0.20 to $6.70.

Final Verdict: Can you run both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads?

Well, it depends! Based on certain research, we can say that yes, it is beneficial to run your ads on both platforms and engage the audience from both sides. On one side, Facebook has a wide audience, then on the same side, Instagram has better engagement too. They have an audience with higher purchase intent.

But still, if you are short with your resources and you have to choose one, pick the one with the high audience engagement. And for that sake, we have Facebook as the top priority. 

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