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WP01 – plugin to speed up, SEO, and protect a WordPress site


Hello, dear readers of Digital media line! WordPress is one of the most famous open source content management systems for websites.

To optimize resources with this engine, many plugins speed up the work and protect against hacker attacks.

One of these additions will be discussed in this article.

What is WP01?

WP01 is a free plugin for speeding up a WordPress site, optimizing and protecting projects on the WordPress engine. The module was developed by professionals with extensive experience in improving web resources.

The WP01 tools come with tips and instruction links to familiarize yourself with the setup. The development team regularly releases new updates, in which it expands functionality and talks about new technologies.

In addition to improvements, the plugin provides information:

  • MySQL version;
  • PHP version;
  • a version of the WordPress engine;
  • RAM threshold;
  • hosting path.

Key features

To date, WP01 has no competitors; it is the only (and also free) module that combines SEO and plugins related to the protection and acceleration of VPN sites.

Among the features are:

  • provision of tools for semi-automatic work;
  • detailed instructions for manual improvements;
  • optimization tips;
  • full access to manage (install, configure) tools;
  • assistance in creating a backup;
  • display of technical parameters;
  • help and advice in using improvements and their analogs;
  • the ability to replace plugins with code;

Wrong sides of CMS WordPress

The WordPress engine is fast enough and easy to use; it covers over 30% of all web resources on the Internet. Users publish over 40 million articles monthly and open over 15 billion sites.

With such widespread popularity, hacker attacks, theft of valuable information, and the introduction of malware were a matter of time.

Remember my past articles. Through the vulnerabilities of CMS and other modules, I told how this blog was more than once infected with viruses, malicious codeTrojans, and third-party spyware.

The graph below clearly shows that most of the hacks (almost 60% of sites) happen precisely through holes in plugins.

Therefore, to secure the work with the WordPress system, WP01 was invented.

Besides, add-ons help speed up the site’s work, and if you follow the recommendations for optimizing the resource by the SEO requirements, then soon the search engines will love the site and will rank it better in the search results.

What WP01 Can Do

Regardless of the site and its content, the WP01 plugin allows you to:

Create Backup FTP / MySQL

Backup is an essential task that needs to be done before updating, accelerating, protecting SEO resources, or changing technical parameters and functional elements.

It is recommended to use this procedure when using budget hosting services that do not have a backup.

You can use scripts, file managers, hosting systems, plugins, and control panels to create and restore Backup.

The execution method can be found in the instructions of the corresponding section WP01.

To work with MySQL, you need data, which the plugin will also prompt.

Optimize for SEO parameters

Many WordPress sites fail to achieve high conversions and fast search engine rankings. To fix this, you should take advantage of the plugin’s optimization tools, conduct a comprehensive SEO analysis, and improve behavioral factors.

For optimization, use, for example:

  • setting description and title;
  • work with internal links (linking, hiding from indexing);
  • implementation of technologies for fast work with redirects;
  • XML map creation;
  • improvement in behavioral factors;
  • txt setting;
  • deactivation of the RSS feed;
  • setting correct URLs;
  • connection of metrics.

Protect against hacking, spam, and DDoS attacks

Since WordPress is one of the most popular systems, it is the one that hackers and ransomware pay the most attention to. For this reason, you should establish reliable protection for the site.

The plugin has tools for:

  • preventing infection with virus software;
  • blocking spam and DDoS attacks;
  • protection against hacking and information theft;
  • minimizing vulnerability;
  • reducing the load on hosting;
  • countering spam;
  • protecting content from theft.

Speed ​​uploading

To provide a better look for your site on search engines and improve usability, page load acceleration should be applied. This section offers plugins, testing tools, code enhancements, and hints. If implemented correctly, you can achieve up to 100 points in Google PSI.

Some of the accelerations:

  • speedy CSS / js / PHP optimization;
  • converting png/jpg images to Web format;
  • setting lazy graphics load;
  • MySQL database optimization;
  • information caching;
  • control of the frequency of requests to the server (heartbeat);
  • disabling plugins that are not used on the page;
  • disabling unnecessary data in the head block.

Make work more comfortable.

To make it easier to navigate, the WP01 developers in a separate block took out instructions for setting up and operating the installed plugins. Here you can also view the repository and the importance of modules for the site.

It is impossible not to mark the “Task” item, where you can see what this or that plugin is used for. By myself, I will say an instrumental section, since over time, the need for some kind of add-on disappears, but you forget why you installed it, and it continues to load the site with unnecessary work.

 WordPress is considered to be one of the best website building engines. However, the standard system tools cannot provide reliable protection and SEO optimization.

Also, most of the resources based on WordPress are not able to impress with their loading speed. It is for this reason that it is recommended to use special modules designed to solve such problems, which is WP01.

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