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Which URL Format is Good for SEO?

The stability of URLs, the most important criterion

Do not change the URL of your pages only to add keywords especially if you’re SEO is already working well. For new sections of your site or for a new site, integrate keywords from the beginning. For an old site, wait for the day when you will need to make a major overhaul to integrate this kind of optimization SEO services in Lahore have a mission to teach peoples.

Presence of keyword in the URL

First I prefer to be clear the URL is far from being the main element to optimize the referencing of a page. Before you ask whether to put keywords in the URLs, integrate them into your content, your title tag.

It is better to use strategic keywords in URLs, rather than numbers or meaningless elements. Indeed, as I showed in a test published on WRI, the engines take into account the presence of keywords in the URLs. By cons, do not expect miracles with this optimization, this criterion being little taken into account.

Word separators in URLs

To correctly separate the words in the URLs, it is necessary to use characters interpreted as separators by the search engines. I advise you to stay as simple as possible and use mainly the dash and the point.

The comma: one day or another, you will have problems because it will have been misinterpreted. Also, you will have trouble when you process a CSV file containing your URLs and other comma-separated data.

The semicolon (;): you may have the same problems as with the comma so avoid. The slash bar (or slash) is not really a problem, as long as you pay attention to the notion of virtual directory: think about it in your HTML code, when you refer to files (scripts, images) or links.

The vertical bar (|): to avoid because too complicated. She is very hard to type and not easy to explain orally

URL parameters

If you have dynamic URLs and do not use URL rewrite your URLs are likely to contain so-called parameters. These are variables passed in the URL, such as the page parameter that is 3 in the fictional URL. It does not necessarily pose problems. However, in this case, Google offers to help him understand what he must do. To do this, see my tutorial on setting URL parameters in Search Console.

Length of the URL

Length is not a problem for engines, which index very long URLs. On the other hand, it is not very practical to exploit, for example when a URL is copied in a forum or a blog, it is often truncated to avoid distorting the display. In this case, any keywords that compose it may not appear. I am therefore rather inclined to advise you to create quite short URLs.

Date in the URL

Should we put the date in the URL of its articles?

In general, I do not recommend making appear the date in the URL, because it is not essential and that generates problems when one updates the article. Many blogs have URLs with the date like /blog/2019/11/ici-le-titrebut. When you update the article by changing the date, the URL will be broken it will provide redirects, you will lose the shares on social networks, etc. When a user sees the URL in the results (it can happen), he can decide not to click, thinking that the article is outdated, even if it is not necessarily the case.

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