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Difference between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Choosing the right target for your Pub campaigns

Digital Media Line has a platform SEO service in Lahore wants to guide the peoples. For successful advertising, focus on relevant and quality targeting. Talking about your brand with people who are not interested in it can be quite counterproductive. So we must not neglect this point. With AdWords, targeting is done from keywords. The principle is simple. You must choose the search terms under which you want to see your ad appear in the search results of users. The choice of keywords is important because it allows you to communicate with people who are looking for your product or service. You can refine your targeting with demographic data or geographic.

With Facebook, you have the opportunity to target typical user profiles that you consider to be perfect customers. Thus, thanks to the data of the people registered on Facebook, the social network can separate them according to their centers of interest, their geographical area their demographic data, their behavior or their points in common with your Facebook fans or your customers. If the approaches are quite different, they can complement each other. Facebook nevertheless has a more important and effective targeting refinement.

Set up the campaign

You can decide to set up a PPC campaign for many reasons. This can be part of your marketing strategy and have been thought through at length but it can also be a spontaneous decision. It is therefore necessary to take into account the ease with which to set up your campaign. AdWords is faster and more flexible. It is particularly useful when launching a communication campaign for a one-off event.

Creating an AdWords campaign with the keyword “Halloween” during the month of October alone can be effective. With Facebook Ads, it’s more about the long term. Advertising can be launched quickly, it’s true, but creating a Facebook Ads requires a lot of work. Beforehand to determine a specific target, determine your communication objectives and format and polish the visual advertising.

Look after the image

For a successful communication action, the visual is absolutely essential. Proof, Facebook posts featuring an image generate twice as much engagement and image tweets have 150% more retweets. AdWords sponsored links are quite poor at the visual level. They are designed to fit naturally into the search results and not be too flashy. This also has advantages but does not allow much creativity. It is nevertheless necessary to heal the writing of the advertisement. With Facebook, the appearance of advertising is no longer worked.

 Customizing the campaign

It is necessary to take into account the criterion of the personalization of its advertising according to its mark and its identity. With AdWords, ads are rather textual but advertisers have several ways to customize them to make them more attractive and wise.

It starts with ad extensions. It adds interesting brand details like customer reviews. On Facebook, there is a wide range of advertising formats. Depending on your final goal, these formats can help you boost your publications, increase the traffic on your site, have. Facebook Ads are quite flexible and know how to adapt to the needs of brands.

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