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Search engines improve site ranking algorithms every year. As a result, the principles of promotion also change. In this article, we’ve rounded up the top SEO trends for 2021 to help you get the most out of your website.

Top SEO Trends in 2021:

  1. User-friendliness and safety come first.
  2. Expertise, Authority, Credibility, or EAT
  3. Emphasis on long-tail queries
  4. Protecting content from theft
  5. Variety of traffic sources
  6. Quality inbound links drive traffic.
  7. Relinking and referencing queries as anchors

As an estimated value 4.45 billion websites are live on google. Everyone wants to rank on google first page to promote their website, so google is updating ranking algorithms day by day. You need to optimize your website for google to rank better. You should hire an SEO company in Lahore if you don’t have expertise in SEO. Here we have listed a few SEO Trends to help you rank better in 2021.

SEO trend # 1. User-friendliness and safety come first

In 2021, Google will launch a new ranking algorithm – Page Experience Update. It will focus on evaluating sites based on how users interact with them. The principle is simple: the more convenient and safer a resource, the higher its position in the search ranking.

After user experience update, Google will analyze the following metrics more thoroughly and harder:

  • Core Web Vitals – Key Site Quality Metrics that were updated and updated in May 2020. In the PageSpeed ​​Insights service, they are displayed in the upper block with a special mark in the form of a blue flag:
  • LCP is the loading speed of the main visual content on the page. Should not exceed 2.5 seconds.
  • FID is the time delay between the first click on an interactive element on the page and the server’s response. It should be less than 100 milliseconds.
  • CLS – Visual Content Stability. Calculated based on the displacement of elements on the page without any user input. For example, the text suddenly moves, or a button is dropped. The maximum allowable value is 0.1.
  • Adaptability for different types of devices and screen extensions
  • According to John Mueller (Google employee), in March 2021, the search engine will completely switch to mobile-first indexing. This means that sites without responsive design simply won’t have a chance to reach the top of the search results. Check how your site is displayed on different devices, whether all elements are clearly visible and accessible. This can be done using the BlueTree.ai service.
  • Secure HTTPS protocol. It is necessary to protect the personal data of users. If you still don’t use it, follow the step-by-step guide to configuring the HTTPS protocol.
  • Free from viruses, malicious files, and content that can mislead users or threaten their safety. We wrote more about how to protect your site in the article “How to scan a site for viruses. “
  • No pop-ups that block and make it difficult to access the main content on the site.

For Google, one of the most important indicators of a site’s quality is its user-friendliness. Not so long ago, he began to more thoroughly check the cheating of behavioral factors and punish violators. This suggests that the search engine encourages site owners to improve analytics in a natural way

By working on the metrics described above, you will not only be able to improve your site’s position in search engine results but also show concern for your potential customers. This means you can increase the conversion rate and your profit. 

SEO trend # 2. Expertise, Authority, Credibility, or EAT

EAT (“Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness”) is a Google ranking algorithm that evaluates the quality and usefulness of content. First of all, it concerns resources that can affect human health, safety, and financial well-being. These topics include:

  • purchases: online stores and any other resources where online payment is provided;
  • medicine: pharmacies, clinics, doctors, health blogs;
  • finance: banks, insurance companies, accounting services;
  • news: articles about international events, business, politics, new technologies;
  • jurisprudence and civil rights: lawyers, notaries, social services;
  • all the resources that can somehow affect fate: fitness, nutrition, job search, career choice, car repair, etc.

For the first time, they began to talk about the ranking factor EAT back in 2015, but over time, the search engine began to pay even more attention to it.

What you need to do in 2021 to increase the expertise, authority, and credibility of your content and the site as a whole:

  • Publish materials that cover the stated topic.
  • Structure them – use lists, H1-H3 headings, images, videos, tables.
  • Rewrite uninformative texts.
  • Indicate the author of articles – a person who is responsible for the accuracy of the content.
  • Create a separate author page, where to indicate: real name, photo, short professional biography, certificates, awards, and achievements in this area.
  • Register the address of the offline office/store, contact information, links to social networks.
  • Place a map, information on the terms of delivery and payment.
  • Check out the page “About the company” and/or “Team” with photos of employees and brief information about them.
  • Add copyright and date in the footer, which corresponds to the year of business creation and the current one.
  • Post testimonials from real customers with their names, photos, and/or videos.

These actions will also be relevant when promoting in Google since the search engine also encourages site owners to monitor the quality and reliability of materials on the sites.

SEO trend # 3. Emphasis on long-tail queries

Long-tail keywords are precise and specific queries that are 5-8 words (or more). As a rule, they are less frequent, but in total, they can bring up to 70% of the traffic to the site.

Various variations of “tailed” queries enable users to find the information they need faster, which means they save time.

Why should you focus on them in your SEO strategy in 2021? There are at least three more reasons for this:

High conversion

  • A user who is looking for a specific product or service is already ready to order. And the chances that he will make a purchase are much higher. For comparison, when a person is looking for a “smartwatch,” he may be interested in: what it is, how to choose, which ones are, etc. And driving in the request “smartwatch Amazfit GTS blue,” he has already decided on the model and is looking for a store where they can be purchased.

You can get results easier and faster.

  •  Most of the site owners are engaged in promoting only high-frequency keywords, forgetting to optimize low-frequency ones. As a result, there’s less competition for long-tail queries, and you can bring them to the TOP much faster and with less effort.

Better behavioral factors

  •  Long-tail queries drive targeted traffic. In addition to the increase in conversion, this affects the improvement of behavioral factors: less bounce rate, more depth of viewing, longer visit. All these have a positive effect on the SEO promotion of the site as a whole.

Takeaway: Use long-tail keywords when optimizing your site in 2021. We wrote about exactly how to do this earlier in the article “How to get promoted by low-frequency queries. “

SEO trend # 4. Protecting content from theft

In 2021, it is not enough to publish unique content on your website; you also need to protect it from theft, track plagiarists, and punish them. To understand why this is important, consider the possible consequences of stealing your texts and images:

Filters and sanctions from search engines

  •  It often happens that stolen content is indexed before the original source. As a result, sanctions may be imposed on the site of the real author: positions will decrease, and pages will fly out of the index.

Loss of Traffic

  •  If the content was copied by a resource with high traffic and good behavioral factors, it is highly likely that it will rank even higher than the original. And most of the target audience will go to him.

Subsidence of positions

  •  If articles are stolen en masse, and many copies of them appear on the Internet, they lose their value in the eyes of search engines. Positions are sagging not only for plagiarists but also for the source site. 

Loss of reputation and audience loyalty

  •  Users will not trust the resource on which, in their opinion, the stolen content is published.

To avoid this, be sure to add the following steps to your SEO strategy in 2021 :

Tracking stolen content:

  • The most convenient way to perform a search is to use a batch check of a site for uniqueness in the Content Watch service. After completing the analysis, download the resulting list of plagiarists.

DMCA Complaints to Google

  •  Google Search Console has a dedicated copyright protection tool, the DMCA Dashboard. Create a new application, fill in all the required fields with the URL of the pages that copied your content. It’s worth noting that Google won’t be able to remove content on the site, but it will exclude it from search results. On average, this process takes up to 14 days.

Contacting the offending Hosting Provider

  •  If you are promoting in Google, the only way to protect your copyrights is to contact the host of the thief site with a request to remove the content stolen from you.
  • Use the who. is service to determine which hosting company the plagiarist uses;
  • Go to the hoster’s website and write a letter to the administrators to resolve the problem;
    •  After consideration of the application, the page will be deleted, and after a while, it will drop out of the Google index.

SEO trend # 5. Variety of traffic sources

Search engines reward sites that naturally attract visitors from a variety of sources. This suggests that the resource is “live” – ​​we discuss it online, and it is interesting for different audiences. Therefore, the upward trend in the number of traffic sources will continue in 2021. 

Besides the benefits of SEO promotion, this has other benefits:

  • attracting a large number of interested users;
  • returning customers and increasing sales;
  • Mitigation of risks: the loss of one of the traffic sources will not turn into a disaster for the business.

Start working now on the following traffic acquisition channels:

  • YouTube channel;
  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others;
  • Email newsletters and instant messengers;
  • Directories, forums, blogs, and other external resources;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Display advertising;
  • Direct transitions.

SEO trend # 6. External links should drive traffic

High-quality external links are those that have user clicks. They look natural, inspire confidence in search engines, and bring maximum SEO impact. 

To learn how to analyze the donor site, we wrote earlier. But in 2021, one more indicator should be added to these indicators – the ratio of traffic to the number of indexed pages. That is, you need to evaluate not just the traffic of the resource per month, but how many visitors on average fall on one page. This will allow you to understand how many people will be able to see the link to your site and, possibly, click on it. 

How to calculate this indicator:

  • In the search box Google drive in the combination “site: site-address” and see the number of indexed pages. For example, one resource has 100 pages in the index, while another has 5,000.
  • Divide the monthly traffic by the number of pages. As a result, we get the approximate attendance of one page and evaluate it.
  •  1st site: 20,000 / 100 = 200 visitors per page.
  •  2nd site: 20,000 / 5,000 = 40 people in total.
  • This means that the first resource is more valuable in terms of SEO – the chances that real clients will come from it are higher.

SEO trend # 7. Relinking and referencing queries as anchors

Relinking is a link between the internal pages of a site using links. It is necessary:

  • For users, as it simplifies site navigation and allows them to find the material they need faster. In this case, the anchor, that is, the link text serves to understand exactly where it will go after a click.
  • For the site owner, because it increases the conversion rate and even the size of the average check. A vivid example of the motivation of customers to buy more – the blocks “Similar products,” “Buy with this product,” “Bundled cheaper.”
  • For search engine robots, it distributes link weight and speeds up site indexing. At the same time, the keywords that are used in the anchor of the link increase the relevance of the page and contribute to the growth of its positions in the search results.

To implement it, use the instructions from the articles:

  • Main rules for internal linking;
  • Setting up the linking of online store pages. 

Choose meaningful, readable, and diverse keywords as an anchor. 

As you can see, not only external but also internal links contribute to SEO promotion. So be sure to use them in 2021. 

Brief summary

Based on all the described SEO trends, we can conclude that search engines want to make the search results even more valuable, useful, and safe for users. And it is these indicators that they will pay even more attention to in 2021.If you want to start now follow new trends in the field of SEO, join the updated course “search engine.” Here, under the control of SEO specialists, you can implement each of the stages of website optimization and scaling your business. Follow the link above and book your participation. With promo code “SEO-trend”, you will get an additional bonus to your purchase.

We, Digital Media Line get an edge over other digital marketing agencies in Pakistan as we do not join the bandwagon of trends with a shut-eye. We analyze that if specific trend will benefit our clients in the long run or not before tapping into the trend on behalf of our client. What we guarantee of our Marketing Services is – continuous digital growth. Hence, without a second thought, get in touch with us!

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