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Introducing from causes and solutions to creating effective 404 error pages

What is a 404 error?

A 404 error is an HTTP status code displayed when accessing a page that does not exist. Every page displayed on the site has an HTTP status code. The HTTP status code is the response returned when a web browser or crawler accesses the server. If the page does not exist, a 404 status code is returned.

HTTP status code list:

There are several HTTP status codes other than 404. Above all, it is divided into 5 contents in the range of 100 to 500, and the 400s indicate processing failure.

Causes and solutions for 404 errors:

The 404 error does not need to be corrected in the case of a page or website that was already intentionally erased, or in the case of an unknown URL, but if the 404 error page is displayed unintentionally, there are the following causes that need to be resolved:

Misspelled URL:

When typing a URL, the details are often wrong. If you get a 404 error, first check to see if you misspell it. You can correct the spelling mistake if it’s your own, but if it’s an external link mistake, contact the site administrator and ask them to update the link. Alternatively, you can set up a 301 redirect for the correct URL and register the wrong URL in the server settings.

Displaying a deleted page:

Accessing the page even though it has been deleted will result in a 404 error. Not only because of the deletion of the page, but also simply because of another directory move or rename. Make sure that the page is not deleted and that the directory is the same.

Redirect setting from old URL to new URL is not done:

If you do not have the correct redirect settings, you will get a 404 error. When moving to a new URL by domain transfer or page deletion, the original page is usually set to 301 redirect and automatically moved to the new page.

The link you are trying to display is broken:

When publishing a page, the linked page was displayed, but in many cases it has become a broken link URL because the page has disappeared over time.

If the page is published with a new URL, replace it with that URL. Also, if there is no page, let’s take measures such as deleting it. We recommend that you respond early so that the image from users does not deteriorate.

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