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10 key points for SEO Strategies

  1. It is absolutely necessary to set Goals before launching any campaign: these must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Temporally Defined (SMART). Digital media Line has a platform SEO course in Lahore want to teach the peoples.
  1. Once goals are set, it’s time to look at the web page itself, i.e. the SEO on Page. This step consists of the optimization of the page as a whole respecting a certain tree structure.
  1. The use of Keywords or keywords on the web page will be decisive for the strategy to adopt. In concrete terms, these are the words that users will look for to find the content that the page offers.
  1. The optimization of the content. The content on the web page must be constantly updated to have more positioning possibilities and optimize the page load. The faster the page, the more favorable Google will be.
  1. A good CTR or Click to Rate is synonymous with a good percentage of website clicks by users. The higher this percentage, the more SEO positioning will be quality.
  1. Playing with external and internal links will always be a good SEO strategy provided that they are reliable and quality. However, we must be careful of these two characteristics at the risk of having a reverse effect of SEO penalization.
  1. The structure of the page must be consistent because search engines like Google impose basic elements like the length of the text, the title, the URL…
  1. Once the web content ready, it will be necessary to work the SEO off page the actions that are conducted outside the web page.
  1. To generate valuable content on other pages and the latter influences our own, it is essential to know the tips of the Link Building.
  1. The use of social networks and their updating represent an opportunity to improve online marketing and promote good positioning. This is an opportunity for web pages to generate quality content and engage potential customers in an environment other than sales.

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